Pod Foods partners with 
leading industry lenders to offer brands 
innovative capital solutions

Founder-friendly financing
for established brands

Competitive, transparent terms

No hidden interest and you'll set payment schedule so you can plan ahead for the future.

AI-powered, holistic credit review

We go beyond sales, helping businesses typically denied by banks get access to credit.

Repayment flexibility

You have the freedom to choose which orders to extend and the duration (up to 180 days) or repay early.

Non-dilutive capital

You build it, you should own it. With Settle Working Capital you can optimize your purchasing power without relinquishing ownership.

Eliminate e-commerce payout delays. Zero fees or interest.

Dynamic spending power

Receive analyzes recent sales to understand your cash flow and provides spending power tailored to your business needs. No credit scores, credit checks, fees, or interest.

Streamlined application

Provide a few business details, and connect your sales platform such as Amazon or Shopify and bank account to quickly access spending power.

Simple dashboard

View card details, recent transactions, upcoming payments, and reports in your Receive dashboard.

Automated payments

Receive automatically debits your connected bank account 7 days after purchase, so you never have to worry about missing a bill.

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