Pod Direct
Referral Program

Enjoy a 0% service fee on Pod Direct 
for 6 months

To Qualify,

1. Refer a Retailer
Refer a retailer that intends to order your product on Pod Foods for the very first time.
2. Retailer Places Order
Your referred retailer must place a total order of $50 or more, inclusive of your product and any other products.
3. Enjoy 0% Service Fees!
All of your subsequent Pod Direct orders, across all retailers, will be adjusted to a 0% service fee the next 6 months!

Excluding Fresh Thyme Market, Clarks, and Fairway

Our team will track your referrals, and we'll notify you when one of your referred retailers places an order for $50 or more.

When is this referral program valid for?

This program ends on July 31st, 2024. Your referred retailer must place an initial order before or on July 31st, 2024 for you to qualify.

How will I know when a retailer I referred orders more then $50 on Pod Foods?